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Updates from the farm, direct from Farmer Patrick…

“Friday 22nd May and it’s my birthday!

I feel very fortunate to be working on a farm, surrounded by my team on my birthday – especially having my daughters Tara and Antonia with me (pictured below).

And I’ve been spoilt rotten by the team, with lots of gifts, so it’s only natural that we spoil the customers too – which we did by sending out a free birthday cupcake with all orders delivered today.

Special thanks to our baker David for making these – we’ve had lots of lovely feedback for you all – and some lovely messages on social media too wishing me a happy birthday.

A very happy farmer indeed!

Farmer Patrick”

“On behalf of the Flower Farm team, I was asked to be featured on the Farmers Guardian podcast Over The Farm Gate.

Chatting to their reporter Jez, we talked about all things farming, food production and how we’ve been working to reconnect people with where their food comes from.

If you zoom through to 27 minutes and 33 seconds on the link below, you’ll be able to hear my interview.

Listen here:

Farmer Patrick”


“Less than two months ago, we launched our online order system.

Starting with one simple ration box scheme, we promised we would make everything as bespoke as we can, as soon as we can.

Each week we’ve been evolving, adapting, listening to feedback, and making changes based on your needs.

And now, we are proud to present, the all new Custom Food Box:

Yep, now you can build your own box from any of the available packs on our website, from veg packs to deli packs, fruit packs to treat packs, BBQ packs to breakfast packs.

AND – if that wasn’t enough – you can visit our butchery, deli and farm shop section of the website, and skip the packs entirely – selecting one off items to fill up your cart.

Yes – you don’t even need to buy a box to purchase – you can simply make things a la carte!

Take a browse, ask questions and please 🙏🏼 continue feeding back to us – we’re working very hard to get this right for YOU, so we want you to keep US on track.

Thanks to all our fabulous customers,
Farmer Patrick”



“We’ve got a new flock of chickens on the farm!

These are just coming in to lay, the cone on the top of the head is an indicator as it becomes more pronounced and redder as they come in to lay.

Once a chicken stops laying, it’s a natural cycle and they don’t come back for 21-28 days.

Farmer Patrick”


“As Flower Farm marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day 🇬🇧, I’ve been through the archives, taking a look at some of the old photos of the farm.

My parents moved to the farm in the early 1970s, when this photo was taken.

It might not be 1945, but it does give you a good idea of just how much the landscape of the farm (and Godstone), has slowly changed over the years!

Farmer Patrick”


“Myself and the team are truly humbled… as we have been granted the East Surrey Community Champion award by Claire Countinho MP, member of parliament for East Surrey.

Claire said: “Flower Farm has been ensuring that food and essential supplies reach those in need. They have delivered a wide range of produce across East Surrey and adapted their business to ensure their older customers can call to place an order. In addition, they have regularly donated to healthcare workers across the constituency.”

I’d like to personally thank everyone who has bought from our website, cooked a meal from our produce, read our little newspaper, done one of our crossword puzzles, liked, followed and shared our content on social media, and contacted us over email and by phone.

It really is an honour to be able to help support the community in their time of need, to bring families together at the kitchen table, placing fresh farm produce at the heart of your homes.

From myself and the rest of the Flower Farm team – we thank you. 

Farmer Patrick”


New trees coming to life 🌿🌲 🌳

Maintaining habitats for plants and animals is a huge part of Farmer Patrick’s job.

Just as we depend on farmland for the food we eat every day – so does the wildlife.

Taking measures to protect the land like this helps to not only maintain beautiful landscapes, but it improves public access – boosting animal health and welfare… and it means farmers like Farmer Patrick are doing their bit to help tackle climate change too 🌍

Farmer Patrick”


“Another day and another food donation! This one is being delivered to frontline carers at key London hospitals 🏥 and smaller clinics.⁣

We’ve had lots of requests and are trying to fulfil as many as we can, donating food boxes to those in need.

Farmer Patrick”


“We’re running 5k with Godstone Football Club (well, sort of!)

As proud sponsors of Godstone FC, we’re supporting them in their Run 5, Donate 5 and tag 5 – 5k challenge!

The boys have been running 5k and donating £5 to the NHS, so we’ve decided to join them with their challenge.

I’ve agreed to match what the team raises, and my daughters Antonia and Tara (pictured with me below in their Godstone FC shirts) are also running their own 5k challenges to show their support!

Farmer Patrick”



“Five dozen eggs have been donated from Flower Farm this week to the 26 Cakes in 26 Hours challenge, with proceeds going to the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity.

Good luck – we can’t wait to see all your creations!

Farmer Patrick”


“It’s been an exciting week on the farm, we are busy in the farm shop making up all your orders and on the farm it’s planting, watering and trimming – not to mention tending to the chickens!


We were delighted to see that we were also featured in the Farmer’s Weekly as part of their #FeedTheNation feature.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we’ve had, and we feel so very lucky to have such a fantastic community behind us!

Farmer Patrick”


“We’re donating extra items with our boxes – this is just one of the ways we’re working to support local bakers, dairy farmers and egg producers in our community (and across the nation!)

If we buy milk, bread and eggs from farmers and food producers who usually supply to restaurants and cafes, it means we can help to keep them in business, and no one wastes food.

If it’s too much for you? Donate it to a neighbour in need or a friend. We’re helping our friends so that you can help yours.

Farmer Patrick”


“As the sun ☀️ shines down on Flower Farm, the farm work continues…

Today we’ve been busy mowing the lawns, and soon it will be time to plant our pumpkins!

Farmer Patrick”

“We’re asking you to donate your delivery charge to the NHS.

For the next ten days we are offering FREE delivery on all our box orders.

This means you can donate the money you would have spent on your delivery to the NHS.

On behalf of all of Britain’s farmers providing the nation’s food – we thank you NHS!

Farmer Patrick”


I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought a ration box from Flower Farm.

I’ve been reading your comments on email, and social media, and myself and the Flower Farm team have been overwhelmed by your response.

We love that we can still keep in touch and communicate with you all at this time, because it helps us shape and evolve our online service based on your needs and wants, but also – because we just like hearing from you!

So THANK YOU to the anonymous texter who communicated with us via BBC 6 Music – giving our delivery drivers and the team at Flower Farm a mention.

We don’t know who the anonymous texter was, but we thank you very much!

Farmer Patrick”

“It’s a time for gifting – not wasting!

Our friends at Moose Maple Butter have gifted us some pots of their delicious maple butter… so that we can gift it to YOU!

They saw how we’ve been offering ‘waste not, want not’ items, topping your boxes up with free produce and wanted to join sharing some love in the community so offered us some free tubs of their maple butter to gift to you.

So if you get a pot in your ration box, please give our friends some love on social media to help spread the love all around!

Farmer Patrick”


“We’re supporting our farming friends!

You might have received some extra items with your boxes today…

Well, this is just one of the ways we’re working to support other local farmers and food producers in the community (and across the nation!)

If we buy milk and bread, it helps to keep the supply chain going where restaurants and cafes can’t, which in turn works to support other farmers.

If it’s too much for you? Donate it to a neighbour in need or a friend.

We’re helping our friends so that you can help yours.

Farmer Patrick”




“As farmers, it’s not just our job but our duty to secure the supply of locally produced food.⁣

In the same way that it is the duty of the NHS to care, or the police to protect, and any other key worker providing an essential service – it is our duty to feed the community. ⁣

This is why we’re standing side by side with the NHS, donating free fruit boxes to support local staff, keeping them well fed and healthy while they work.⁣

We are looking after them, so that they can look after you – so now all you have to do is stay home.⁣

Farmer Patrick”⁣

Flower Farm is supporting: First Community Health and Care.


“If you’ve had a delivery from the Flower Farm Easter bunnies this weekend, you might notice a few surprises in your box!

… we do hope you enjoy them!

So from myself and the rest of the Flower Farm team:


Farmer Patrick”


“To everyone doing something great for the community…

We’re looking for good news stories to go in our happy newspaper: The Flower

We’re sending out a copy with each of our deliveries, so that we can spread some good news, along with your weekly shop!

Share your stories on social media using #GoodNewsBlooms and we’ll add our favourites to our next edition.

Farmer Patrick”

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“Use your loaf… and don’t waste food!

If you’ve received one of our ration boxes you might have found one of these little stickers inside.

As farmers, we hate to see food wasted – especially at a time like this!

So if we ever find ourselves left with fruit or vegetables that we think is slightly past it’s best (but still good for putting in a Bolognese or a soup) then we will add them to your box – FREE OF CHARGE – in the hope that you will find some use for it.


Farmer Patrick”



“And after a busy few weeks in the shop with our online delivery service, the farming still continues…

On the farm this week we are getting the ground ready for a new crop of strawberries.

We’re planting hedges.

We’re rolling the fields ready for silage making in the spring, to feed the cattle in the winter.

Plus we’ve got a new flock of chickens arriving this month too.

Farmer Patrick”


“To ensure that we continue our commitment to supplying food to you all, we have had to to make hard and fast decisions today.

We put many measures in place in order to follow government guidelines.

… Most of you have adapted to the new rules, and we thank you for that, but to the few of you that didn’t:

We asked you not to park on the road – you didn’t listen.

We asked you not to arrive before the shop opens – you didn’t listen.

We asked you to social distance – you didn’t listen.

As a result of this the farm shop, if the shop continues to remain open to the public, it is more than probable that the future supply of food to the community will be compromised along with our farming obligations. 

For this reason, as of tomorrow morning the shop is available for online delivery and collection only, starting with a single ration box scheme, which is already currently available on our website.

The safety and welfare of my team is paramount not only for themselves but their families too.

The importance of farmers up and down the country is of national importance along with all other key workers – it is important to remember people are working long, unsociable hours, putting themselves at risk in order to keep food on your tables and the lights on in your homes. 

The gallant work of the NHS and its support staff speaks for itself.

These people need our support as a nation.

These are rapidly changing times we are living in at present.

And I wish to take this opportunity to thank my team and all the support workers, suppliers, fellow farmers and food producers who have and will continue to go out of their way to ensure we have adequate supplies of food for you. 

We hope you will continue to support us as we put all our online efforts and I take this opportunity to thank so many of you for your kind words and comments to myself and all at Flower Farm.

Myself and my family look forward to the return of normality as I am sure you do too.

Thank you.


“We’re asking you all to please, please, please follow the rules and keep two metres apart.

The farm shop is an old building, and we are doing everything we can to make it work for the social distancing guidelines, with a plan on the floor showing you where to stand.

Please don’t queue on the road if you are trying to get into the farm shop – you can come back at another time, a time that’s a bit quieter perhaps.

The farm shop is open from 9 until 6pm, seven days a week.

We open at 9am and we close at 6pm, so please don’t come before nine, or at five to six: we are tired, we need time to prepare things for you, and most importantly, we need sleep.

And we really need you to respect the amazing hard work that my team are doing by respecting the rules, so that we can continue providing for the community.

Farmer Patrick”

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“Myself and the Flower Farm team are working very hard to feed all of our customers.

Some of my team haven’t seen close family because they are spending many long hours at the shop, doing the best they can to ensure you have everything you need.

We are working seven days a week, sometimes 20 hour days, like thousands of other people in the country who are all in the same boat.

The same as other key workers, the NHS staff and the people that keep the lights on, it is our duty to go to work, we have no choice but to work to get food on your table.

And we know that we are all in this together – so now we need YOU to help us.

We’ve placed the main pay point outside, so it’s now down to you to keep your distance, as you queue outside in the field – where you can have as much social distance as you like.

And we will be removing any negative comments on our posts on social media, to protect the wellbeing of my very hard working team, who right now are missing their wives, husbands and children.

I thank you for respecting our requests, and for protecting the safety of yourselves and my hard working team.
Farmer Patrick”

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“So guys this is our flagship ration box scheme.

Myself and the team have scrambled together eggs, meat, milk, beans, veg and fruit in order to assemble this idea quickly.

At present, given the situation and the speed at which we’ve had to work (and my farm team work hard), it’s a one size fits all concept.

Over the next few weeks we will extend the farm produce that we offer.

This is just the start.

A bumpy track may well lie ahead, but a smooth road will be reached.

We’re all in this together,
Farmer Patrick”

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“While our farm shop and tea room remain very much open, we understand that for some of you, leaving the house at the moment may be tricky.

My team and I are working hard behind the scenes to get our online delivery service up and running – and we aim to deliver this so that you can order on Thursday, for the first deliveries on Friday this week!

It’s gonna be simple to start with, based around the farm – there will be bits of essential items like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs, and other bits we can get our hands on from the farm and my friends, just so we can get something up and running that helps you as soon as we can.

So to all of you who are finding it a little bit awkward at the moment to get out and about, we think this is a great way to stay in touch with the community and us at the farm, and also get you the essentials you need.

On behalf of myself and the team: keep calm and carry on,
Farmer Patrick”


“All the team at Flower Farm have been extremely busy over the last few days, ensuring that the shop is kept full of fresh produce for our many customers.

We have been working closely with our farming friends; people like David our baker, and Stefan our fishmonger who has been out on his boat on the high seas, gathering produce for you all.

We’ll have lamb from the farm, and asparagus season will soon be here, with plenty of fresh produce from our farm keeping our shelves full.

And myself and the whole team are all here, ready to help, as always.

Look after yourselves and each other,
Farmer Patrick”

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