Farmer Patrick’s Blog

Updates from the farm, direct from Farmer Patrick…


“We’re asking you all to please, please, please follow the rules and keep two metres apart.

The farm shop is an old building, and we are doing everything we can to make it work for the social distancing guidelines, with a plan on the floor showing you where to stand.

Please don’t queue on the road if you are trying to get into the farm shop – you can come back at another time, a time that’s a bit quieter perhaps.

The farm shop is open from 9 until 6pm, seven days a week.

We open at 9am and we close at 6pm, so please don’t come before nine, or at five to six: we are tired, we need time to prepare things for you, and most importantly, we need sleep.

And we really need you to respect the amazing hard work that my team are doing by respecting the rules, so that we can continue providing for the community.

Farmer Patrick”



“Myself and the Flower Farm team are working very hard to feed all of our customers.

Some of my team haven’t seen close family because they are spending many long hours at the shop, doing the best they can to ensure you have everything you need.

We are working seven days a week, sometimes 20 hour days, like thousands of other people in the country who are all in the same boat.

The same as other key workers, the NHS staff and the people that keep the lights on, it is our duty to go to work, we have no choice but to work to get food on your table.

And we know that we are all in this together – so now we need YOU to help us.

We’ve placed the main pay point outside, so it’s now down to you to keep your distance, as you queue outside in the field – where you can have as much social distance as you like.

And we will be removing any negative comments on our posts on social media, to protect the wellbeing of my very hard working team, who right now are missing their wives, husbands and children.

I thank you for respecting our requests, and for protecting the safety of yourselves and my hard working team.
Farmer Patrick”



“So guys this is our flagship ration box scheme.

Myself and the team have scrambled together eggs, meat, milk, beans, veg and fruit in order to assemble this idea quickly.

At present, given the situation and the speed at which we’ve had to work (and my farm team work hard), it’s a one size fits all concept.

Over the next few weeks we will extend the farm produce that we offer.

This is just the start.

A bumpy track may well lie ahead, but a smooth road will be reached.

We’re all in this together,
Farmer Patrick”



“While our farm shop and tea room remain very much open, we understand that for some of you, leaving the house at the moment may be tricky.

My team and I are working hard behind the scenes to get our online delivery service up and running – and we aim to deliver this so that you can order on Thursday, for the first deliveries on Friday this week!

It’s gonna be simple to start with, based around the farm – there will be bits of essential items like fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs, and other bits we can get our hands on from the farm and my friends, just so we can get something up and running that helps you as soon as we can.

So to all of you who are finding it a little bit awkward at the moment to get out and about, we think this is a great way to stay in touch with the community and us at the farm, and also get you the essentials you need.

On behalf of myself and the team: keep calm and carry on,
Farmer Patrick”



“All the team at Flower Farm have been extremely busy over the last few days, ensuring that the shop is kept full of fresh produce for our many customers.

We have been working closely with our farming friends; people like David our baker, and Stefan our fishmonger who has been out on his boat on the high seas, gathering produce for you all.

We’ll have lamb from the farm, and asparagus season will soon be here, with plenty of fresh produce from our farm keeping our shelves full.

And myself and the whole team are all here, ready to help, as always.

Look after yourselves and each other,
Farmer Patrick”