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Reserve your perfect Christmas Turkey and much more online! Simply select your Turkey along with any optional additional trimmings from our wide range of Vegetables, Cheese, Meats and even Xmas Pudding! Our team will prepare for collection on your chosen date. Christmas dinner sorted!

Whole Turkey’s start at 3.5kg which provides approximately 6-8 generous servings, and plenty of leftovers. The largest 9kg Turkey will feed 18+!

To enjoy the full flavour that a Flower Farm Turkey has to offer we thoroughly recommend cooking a whole bird (as well as giving your dinner table that traditional look!). For convenience we also offer Turkey Crowns (breast meat only on the bone with wings), Breast Roast (breast meat only off the bone – saddle) & Boneless Turkeys (a whole bird boned and rolled). Top Tip! – You will actually find that there is more breast meat when buying bone-in turkey than boneless. It is also the bones that provide much of the great flavour in the cooking process – so if you don’t want a whole bird a turkey crown is the next best thing!

White or Bronze? – A Bronze Turkey has black feathers and a slightly different taste to the meat, although most people wouldn’t notice any difference! Bronze Turkey’s are 90p more per kilo than the traditional white birds.

If you are unsure which Turkey to choose please visit our ABOUT page for everything you need to know, or CONTACT US for advice – we are here to help!


Whole Turkeys
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Turkey Crowns

Breast meat and wings only on the bone.

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Breast Roast

Breast meat only off the bone (saddle).

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Whole Boneless Turkey

A whole bird, boned and rolled (includes legs & wings).

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Other Xmas goodies


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Christmas Pudding
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