Internet Problems

There are some global issues with the internet currently, and particularly with cart checkout processes, that effects all sites and not just this one, and thus is ultimately out of our control.

The most common problem is when progressing from the cart page and checking out. Sometimes it unfortunately just gets stuck.

If refreshing the page does not help, it is likely that the page may have become cached. This means that the stored details are not being updated with a refresh, and the browser is unable to proceed to the next page.

The best thing to do is close the browser you are using and then reopen http://www.flower-farm.co.uk website. Your basket should have been saved, and by clicking on the basket icon it should now allow you to continue through the checkout process.

We are finding that it is only returning customers (who have saved cached pages) that are experiencing problems, so clearing this data and starting again is the best way to proceed.

Please do persevere, as it will work eventually – we promise!

If however you are unable to complete your order on line or need additional help, please do not hesitate to either email us at shop@flower-farm.co.uk (or complete the form below) with your order requirements and we will phone you back to complete the order payment.

You can telephone us on 01883 742288 and we will take your order over the phone or assist you further with completing you order online.

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