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Farm Food Pack Selections
Below is a brief description of the types of food packs you can purchase from Flower Farm to create your own custom box…

FruitsFruit Pack

A selection of fresh, seasonal fruits from the farm and neighbouring farms.



vegetablesVeg Pack

Farm fresh vegetables, potatoes and more – it’s everything you need for a Sunday Roast, stew or as the perfect accompaniment for evening meal.


salad pack

Salad Pack

A selection of fresh, seasonal salad essentials from the farm and neighbouring farms. This pack typically includes mixed salad leaves, spinach, rocket, spring onion, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, peppers, radish, avocados etc.


still life - bread, milk, flour, eggs

Daily Dairy Pack

Six freshly laid Flower Farm eggs, two pints of fresh milk, and butter from a neighbouring dairy farm plus 500g of plain flour and loaf of bread from our baker David – it’s your every day essentials in one pack.


butchers pack 1

Butchery Essentials Pack

A selection of Flower Farm reared meats from Raul and the butchery team. Each pack contains: Braising Steak, four jumbo sausages, smoked bacon and butcher’s mince.


breakfast packBreakfast Pack

The full English never tasted so good… With six freshly laid Flower Farm eggs, four Flower Farm sausages, ten Rashers of Flower Farm Bacon, plus Brioche Buns or Bakers Bread from our baker David Bunn!


deli packDeli Pack

Our deli pack typically includes in house hand made items like Flower Farm cold meat(s), sausage rolls, scotch eggs, pate and quiche. Exactly what you get depends on what has been freshly made that morning by Sharon, Tatiana and our delicatessen team!


cheese pack 2Cheese Pack

A selection of gourmet cheeses from Sussex and beyond, accompanied by fine biscuits, delicious chutney or jam, and fresh grapes.


treatsTreats Pack

A special selection of farm shop treats including pastries, chocolate, cake, biscuits, jam and posh cordial – if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this one’s for you!


Additional Packs and Individual Items can also be added to your Box order.

Visit our BBQ Page for BBQ Meats and BBQ Accessory Packs, the Butchery Dept for specialist meats and the finest Roasting Joints, plus lots of other goodies from the Deli and Farm Shop!