BBQ Packs

The finest selection of Flower Farm meats and grill items along with all the additional necessities needed for alfresco dining this weekend! Choose our BBQ Grill Pack & Accessory Pack, or create your own bespoke selection from the Farm Shop, Butchery and Deli.

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For other meats and Roasting Joints – Please see the Butchery Specials Page HERE

Other Farm Shop Specials

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Veasey & Sons Fishmongers

In association with Veasey & Sons Fishmongers (who you can usually find at the Farm Shop every Friday and Saturday) we are very pleased to now be able to include some of their fine fish to our online shop.

The Fish Pack typically contains : Salmon, White Fish (such as Cod/Hake/Haddock) along with a day boat local fish (such as Huss/Bass/Mackerel/Plaice).

The Fish Packs are vacuum packed for freshness.

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Delivery (or collection from Flower Farm Shop) is 48 hours after you place your order. For example, orders placed on Monday are delivered (or ready for collection) on Wednesday (usually be between 11am and 6pm).
There are no deliveries or collections on Sunday, thus orders placed on Friday morning are delivered (or ready for collection) on Saturday. Orders placed on Friday afternoon / evening are delivered (or ready for collection) on Monday.

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